GUEST PUBLICATION SPOTLIGHT: Blackfriars Bestiary – 2.0 –Love Amongst Strangers: Forward After Forever The Story So Far… by Jack Buxton


Ayesha spent another night trapped in the strange world.

Thankfully for her, due to her slight obsession with evening television, she remembered an episode of Born Survivor and managed to create a fire to keep her warm for the night.

Up until creating the fire she had resisted eating any food that she found, or drinking any water she came across in a world she was convinced was out to kill her. However, she eventually succumbed to the fact that the body needs some fuel so it doesn’t just give out.

Ayesha finally drank from a river she came across, noticing that it was of a circular path, with no visible beginning or end. She took a mouthful and discovered, not to her surprise, that the water tasted spoiled and rotten with dark forces.

Her mind became swamped with illusions, the river transforming into a giant serpent that soon attacked her, eating her whole.

Moments later, she awoke to the image of Mister Mo’s ghostly image standing over her … naked.

The image of her bodyguard naked only added to the pressure of the world. She felt alone and totally helpless, as if the nature of her power had somehow ceased to exist. Due to the turmoil within her, and the damage to her confidence, she reacted aggressively towards her caring bodyguard.

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