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If anyone can be classed as a Soundclick veteran, it has to be one Cam Bastedo (aka Cams Evensong). As well known as a reviewer as he is a musician in his own right, Cam is a guy it is almost impossible to miss. I’ve known him in all the time I have been reviewing on Soundclick, but it took me a while to get with his quirky, offbeat style. It was only the past year or so that Cam has made a substantial impression on me, and since then the list of tracks that have lasted on my hard drive gets longer by the month. Just The Truth On Christmas, Red Rock, Waiting On The Lady, I’m Your Garbageman, Scream are just some of the tracks I would refer anyone to if they wanted to know what this artist does best.

He writes and performs songs.

Joining him on Sad City is Jim Miller, one-half of Jim-n-Lisa who contributes a sterling sax part to the proceedings, giving the track that extra push. Although it’s noticeably a Cam track, Jim’s talent for his instrument does indeed impose his considerable presence in the music. So much so, that I spent as much time listening to what he was doing as I did to the overall impact of the track on me. It’s funny to think of two of my favourite artists working together like this but thankfully neither one detracts from the other and bring noticeably different approaches to bear on Sad City that makes it as deep as it is wide. Lyrically, Cam’s excelled himself. It’s a track about leaving this world (Sad City) where Cam ‘can’t count [the] things it lacks’ and boy do we know that feeling.

To my ears, there is no-one who quite sounds like Cam, either in style or content. His music is always approachable, open even when dealing with a tough subject matter, such as Sad City, and this is a classic example of Cam at his best. The highlight of the track, it has to be said, is undoubtedly the sax additions particularly around 2:50 on out. Jim’s never sounded sweeter or lighter; it’s nice to hear the man wailing… Ultimately though, Sad City is a fine collaboration between two quite different artists that has worked a treat; this is the kind of track you should be hearing on a fine summer day surrounded by friends. Definitely a party animal this one….

Highly Recommended.

Written by Steve Gilmore of Camden Guitars

For the full backlog of music reviews visit his website RebelRiffs

Steve Gilmore


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