It had all happened so quickly. London, awash with unaccountable phenomena, had become almost unrecognisable. Then, before she could readjust to the changing psychic skylines, full frontal attacks had her on the run. These were no subtle digs aimed to discomfort or disable. They were after her life and she barely escaped a number of attempts before being guided to a Camden Safe House by the twin girl agents of Mister Obscure. Her direct UKXD contact, Mister Oblique, was waiting there.

“You shouldn’t have let Mister Mo go to Hong Kong,” grumbled the old man irritably, naming her appointed bodyguard.

Ayesha shrugged. “Even without him, I’ve survived. Anyway, he was keen to offer advice to the student leaders of the democracy movement, and there were no warning signs before he left. We’re all entitled to some sort of life outside the dictates of the United Kingdom Xenobiology Division. I take it he has been recalled?”

“He’s flying back as we speak.” Mister Oblique wagged a finger in her direction. “You might only be a freelancer, Ayesha, an associate agent of the UKXD, but everything you do is of consequence within the umbrella of that relationship.”

Especially, he thought but didn’t say aloud, since you have the potential to grow into previously unfulfilled magical eminence.

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BIO: Upon scorched soil, a life-pod from an alternate universe is uncovered by Politruk Blinov. Inside, there is a man—a captain of sorts—bringing with him an ominous message that could sway the very future of the All-Union.

Meanwhile, another dimension away, Ayesha Swanson, freelance magician for the United Kingdom Xenobiology Division, finds herself embroiled in a plot to rob her of her magic—a plot that may lead her to ultimately discovering her true heritage!

Set within the Love Amongst Strangers universe, the new volume of our anthology series, Blackfriars Bestiary weighs in with nine unique stories, each detailing a unique corner of the vast series universe and featuring a diverse array of characters. Featuring authors such as Jack Buxton (Love Amongst Strangers: The Other Side), Bryn Fortey (Merry-Go-Round and Other Words), Joseph W. Patterson (Psychopomp), Jason S. Kenney (Love Amongst Strangers: Twisted) and Artifice Comics legends, Ed Ainsworth and Matthew James Pierce, Blackfriars Bestiary 2.1 serves as your jumping on point for the adventures of Ayesha Swanson and Mister Mo and the world in which they live.

Recommended for fans of Doctor Who, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and John Constantine, Hellblazer, Blackfriars Bestiary is your first port of call for all things action and supernatural!


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