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I absolutely raved about Omnisine’s Incense Boy (April 2006) so that wouldn’t be bad for a new artist, would it? Except, of course, the name change doesn’t hide the fact that I have slobbered all over this artist’s work ever since I heard Psycho Rampage (October 2005) when he was going by the name of CJ Freq X. This young (18yrs old) Mumbai based electronica artist has come on in leaps and bounds since that first track and I have a string of favourites and Omnisine is on target to be one of the main overachievers this year. Omnisine has the same ability as Prash – another Mumbai native – to put across the sophisticated western music in a way that stretches the genre and pleases the ear.

There is a lot that is pleasing to the ear about Dream, and it is indeed a dream of a track. As exquisitely crafted as anything I have heard from this quarter before, the instrumentation is straight down the line electronic rock (loadsa swishes and swirls) underpinned by a solid bassline and drum track. All great stuff as a musical backing track but the real diamond of the track is in the vocals, the lyrics and the solid way those elements are produced and delivered. My feeling about recording and presenting vocals (especially female ones) is that it can take endless time and backtracking to really capture and enhance a tasty vocal. As a producer myself I am real keen on getting as much bang for my buck as anyone and I see nothing but good in echo-y overhangs.

It’s that time consuming, almost painful, refining of sounds and instrumentation that – to me – spells out the difference between making really good tracks and making life-affirming, vibrant music that touches people. Dream, Omnisine and Rohini (the lyricist and vocalist) make all of this happen in a way you will recognise instantly but will not be able to pinpoint the source and neither will you be able to say that isn’t one hell of a knockout track. Rohini, you have a beautiful voice, and I think Omnisine has done an excellent job of capturing it. I hope very much that you guys work together some more because the results speak for themselves. Although I’ve only lived with this track for a few days, I have a feeling it will become an old and valued friend because it’s bloody wonderful… Close your eyes. Relax. Float downstream.


Written by Steve Gilmore of Camden Guitars

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Steve Gilmore


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