BLACKFRIARS 2.1Taryse Leiter has known her far share of sorrows as of late. Believing her husband to have been murdered by the covert governmental agency, the United States Monster Defence Force, she has found herself on the run across the vast landscape of America with her young daughter, Amelia, as she tries to avoid kidnapping by the same agents who took her husband’s life.

Meanwhile, her childhood friend and mentor, Mark Mitsukai has been desperately trying to catch up with her in order to inform her of a conspiracy within the USMDF itself—a conspiracy that threatens to put the very world itself in danger.

Yet Mitsukai is not the only one searching for Taryse. Her old friend, Spike Campbell, has been sent out into the desert to search for her and protect her from USMDF also.

Standing in the desert before them stood a young man, his long red hair recently shorn close to the scalp like peach fuzz.

Lazily, he lifted a cigarette to his lips, the tattoo upon his left arm reading, ‘‘Victims… Aren’t We All?’’. Pale blue smoke streamed from his nose as he nodded first towards Amelia and then towards her startled mother.

“Hey Taryse,” he offered with a casual smile, “a friend of ours told me you could use a lift.”

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BIO: Upon scorched soil, a life-pod from an alternate universe is uncovered by Politruk Blinov. Inside, there is a man—a captain of sorts—bringing with him an ominous message that could sway the very future of the All-Union.

Meanwhile, another dimension away, Ayesha Swanson, freelance magician for the United Kingdom Xenobiology Division, finds herself embroiled in a plot to rob her of her magic—a plot that may lead her to ultimately discovering her true heritage!

Set within the Love Amongst Strangers universe, the new volume of our anthology series, Blackfriars Bestiary weighs in with nine unique stories, each detailing a unique corner of the vast series universe and featuring a diverse array of characters. Featuring authors such as Jack Buxton (Love Amongst Strangers: The Other Side), Bryn Fortey (Merry-Go-Round and Other Words), Joseph W. Patterson (Psychopomp), Jason S. Kenney (Love Amongst Strangers: Twisted) and Artifice Comics legends, Ed Ainsworth and Matthew James Pierce, Blackfriars Bestiary 2.1 serves as your jumping on point for the adventures of Ayesha Swanson and Mister Mo and the world in which they live.

Recommended for fans of Doctor Who, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and John Constantine, Hellblazer, Blackfriars Bestiary is your first port of call for all things action and supernatural!


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