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Encryption Complex are a couple of people; Paul and Andy, and they specialise in ‘intelligent dance music’ and I have to say I find the genre name amusing. I wonder, for example, what Idiotic Dance Music would sound like. On second thoughts scratch that, let’s not go there. I first reviewed Encryption Complex when I put All For You (March 2006) through its paces and found it quite listenable, although I have to admit it didn’t really do much for me. People Are Divided featured a lot of the same tricks, but this time really delivered and got a very favourable reaction from me so I guess it’s one for one so far…

I readily acknowledge that dance music isn’t really my thing, I prefer to dance to it than listen… if you know what I mean. I think a lot of the irritation towards the genre comes from a time when I was hanging around the Ejay forums and their own interpretation of the whole ‘dance’ genre. Speaking of which, and I guess the reason I bought up E*** in the first place is because the vocals in this track sound like they could have well come from an Ejay Soundpack. Especially the vocoded varieties. Nonetheless, Encryption Complex vault over this seeming obstacle easily because there’s a lot more going on in this track that requires your attention.

Say this about this artist; they ain’t afraid of a bit of mix and matching and Rose On You grows on you rapidly. Although there are a couple of things in the mix that are a bit iffy (a crackly sound on the Rhodes line at the beginning, the backing track level) Rose On You scores because of the summery, light feeling it carries about itself. There are some lovely acoustic guitar phrases dotted here and there too, and that’s always a plus for me. So, if the band took a vocal from somewhere and then either wrote a track for it or fitted it to an existing track, job well done I say. No sign of a join at all. Moreover, Rose On You comes across a cohesive, nicely put together a track that you may very well like and btw, don’t take too much notice of that ‘dance’ tag.

There’s a lot more to this track than a floor filler.


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