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It never ceases to amaze me what a musically fertile country Canada is, and especially for a certain kind of rock music too. The reason I got started on this – one of my favourite subjects – is because I believe Jaymz Lee Shaw is from that country. There is a strain of acoustic rock that Canadians have taken to in their droves and – as if to prove the point – Jaymz delivers exactly what I would have expected; a bright, breezy song with bags of appeal. However, you’ll find its growth is a bit stunted. At one minute and ten seconds, this will barely wet your musical whistle and, cunningly enough, makes you wish there were more of it…


I found a lot to like in Older (April 2006) and because of a comment Jaymz had made paid particular attention to the vocals that I found very listenable in an early Pink Floyd-ish way. If I liked what he did on Older, then it’s a given that I would like Woke Up This Morning despite its relative length. If there was any question about his singing on Older, his performance on this track seals the deal. It’s tuneful, pleasing and fits the track like one of milady’s gloves. So, no more of this ‘reluctant’ singer stuff OK? You can do it, and this track proves it.

I’ve got to like Starting Over, Cameron Pierce and others over on Soundclick, who also make this kind of material and Woke Up This Morning could fit among them with nary a twitch. If I were Jaymz, I’d take that as a high compliment indeed as he would see if he heard them. I have a personal liking for acoustic rock vocal tracks, and that would account for my own tastes in this affair and I guess the rest of you will just have to make up your own minds. Whatever it is, if we could get another couple of minutes of a track like this I would be very interested in hearing it.

A melodic, tuneful tiny tot.

Steve Gilmore


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