‘A morsel here and a morsel there
a shameful morsel hiding everywhere’

Am I ever so terrible, really,
to be delighted by your orchestrated fall?
My cleverness Lies
in the tiniest of details.
It’s more like gardening than deception, surely?
Deviousness is an art form,
I’ve been honing it since birth.
My happiness comes with your crumble.
You shall not be better than me
if I can just get you down onto your knees.
I’ll invent, scheme and belittle.
With my rumbling grindstone of envy
I sharpen up slanderous knives
ready for the back of your reputation.
As I squirm and seethe
in the complete opposite of ecstasy.
I unconsciously let you win
by daily poisoning
everything good, nice and of merit within me.

Written by Paul Tristram


Available to buy via Lulu


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