They’d get him tripping his box off
on Welsh Magic Mushrooms,
then send him on beer runs,
he’d always go, never said no.
For the most fantastically ridiculous
things that they could think of, like:
A Vodka Harpoon, a book of Shit Tokens,
a Martini Crowd-Disperser, 3 Galaxy
and Lime Dazzlers, an 8 pack of Made-Up
Concoctions, a couple of String-Less
Bloody Mary’s…oh and a flagon of Cider.
He’d always stroll back in half hour later
absolutely expressionless and say in monotone
“Sorry boys but they only had the Cider,
maybe you want to send me to a different shop
next time, that one down there is crap?”

Written by Paul Tristram


Available to buy via Lulu


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