He walked into the bar one afternoon
with a bunch of flowers in one hand
and a box of chocolates in the other.
Ordered a pint and started writing
something beautiful and heartfelt
inside a carefully chosen greeting card.
There were three familiar regulars
standing s few feet away nursing
warm, flat beer and talking noisily
and passionately about tits and football.
“Hey, I didn’t know it was Sian’s birthday,
how old is she now…forty what?”
“It’s not her birthday and you know
how old she is you were in her class!”
“What’s all that gay crap for then,
been up to no good have you, nice one?”
“Are you really making fun of me
for loving my wife, are you serious?”
“Nah, just wondering why you’re buttering
her up with ‘Shit Tokens’ is all, mate?”
“Because she is beautiful, that is why.
If you had a wife instead of your parents
spare bedroom whilst almost touching fifty
then just maybe you would understand!”

Written by Paul Tristram


Available to buy via Lulu


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