Sometimes standing on factory assembly lines
or up against public bars can feel the very same.
When trying to kick away the Black Dog
that’s been hounding you since morning
just gets you stuck deeper into its Grind.
So you find a brief respite in a bitter cigarette
and a random thought of Sasha Grey
painting her toenails pink,
all ‘fur coat and no knickers’
in an hotel room in Copenhagen.
And laugh because the spell is suddenly broken,
the darkness ridiculously melts from view.
Unconscious distraction is the very key,
you’ve un-ruined a perfectly miserable day,
without meaning too, and before early afternoon.
Now it’s time for some ‘Lovable Rogue Mischief’
to chandelier-swing you through the Brilliant evening.

Written by Paul Tristram


Available to buy via Lulu


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