For someone like me, who is active within the LDN music scene, funds are regularly stretched beyond breaking point. I’m usually sat, in the small, dark hours, plotting how to get from Arcade Fortress to Jeeps via the Phantom Sound or Angel in Islington.

Photographers are ten a penny, but their overheads usually run into unmentionable figures.

It takes time and money to be the kind of person who is on duty in Tottenham, working for Cassilda, while being recognised by someone who asks you why you never take pictures at any Echo Boom Generation gigs

My answer is that some bands are friends, who always get me on my feet, while others employ me in a professional capacity that precludes me from throwing myself into acts of fervent revelry.

Speaking of such shenanigans, I’m pleased to report that no harm was done to my left foot during Idestroys’ set at T Chances on Saturday night.

A one-man moshpit made me work hard to both take pictures and protect my camera from his flailing limbs. I did get stamped on, but I’ve managed to avoid being blessed with purple flesh or stretched tendons.

A friend, who went with me to see Hadouken play the Itunes festival some years ago, wasn’t so lucky when the same thing happened to her. She dislocated multiples bones when an airborne reveller landed on toes that were being protected by inappropriate footwear.

Anyway, I’ve gone off point. This post is about financial pressure leading to the generation of potential work.

I engaged in banter, mostly about my lack of navigation skills, with a doorman who seemed receptive to my animated tales of getting lost in Tottenham. Before handing over a note, I threw caution to the elements and asked if the venue had a paparazzi discount. They didn’t, of course, but this act of opportunism announced my presence to a person who needed a photographer to replace his own house version who’d gone on an assignment in Birmingham.

Sadly for me, the absence of adequate overhead lighting has caused editing issues that will prevent me impressing beyond standard black and white or experimental images.

There are a thousand of them……


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