This page is dedicated to all the authors who’ve written for us. If you are one of them, feel free to message us whenever you release a new book.

Shaun Hamilton
Lisa Knight
Paul Tristram
Louise Hart
Jon Olson
Guy T Martland
Bryn Fortey
Mark West
Sean P Chatterton
Jeremy Simons
Dave Fragments
Jonathan Anderson
Matthew Wilson
Paul Melhuish
DJ Tyrer
Michael McGlade
Kerry Lipp
Erik Hofstatter
Matthew Barbour
Sarah Tsang
Adrian J Watts

Friends of Imaginalis

Jacob Milnestein
Jason Kenney
Josh Reynolds
E.N De Choudens
Cameron Trost
Robin Wyatt Dunn
Zachary Houle
Robbie Lizhini
Frank Burns
Geoffrey Parsons
Janie Cannarella


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