Voices from a Coma – Submission page

Manipulation-HQQuarterly Horror Anthology with a different theme each time!

Theme: Manipulation

Deadline: TBC

Word Count: up to 3500 (if over, please enquire)

Format: .doc or .docx; double spaced; Times New Roman or Arial; font size: 12

Reprints: Not if printed within last 5 years; may be subject to re-write

What we want:

Well written stories from both new and experienced authors that incorporate each anthology’s theme. However subtle this is carried out is down to the individual. Not interested in vampires, werewolves, zombies etcetera. Story containing any of these elements must be of exceptional quality. Gore MUST be intrinsic to the story. Excessive, over-the-top, unnecessary descriptions of viscera, rape, paedophilia, necrophilia or harm to animals will be binned. These are subjects that when written about must be tackled in a respectable manner. Anything deemed extreme will be seen as glorification and will be discarded.

We want stories that shock. Want stories that make you squirm. And think. And make you wonder about things. Not stories that make you question if the author is getting a little too much out of their story

Where to submit:
Email: comavoices@gmx.co.uk


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